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Arrangement A10 – Tara Canyon & NP Sutjeska (5 days / 4 nights)

Package that offers visit to National park Sutjeska, primeval Forest Perucica, experience rafting along Tara River, and as a crown at the end, enjoy in the view from the B&Hs tallest mountain.

The oldest national park in Bosnia (NP Sutjeska), one of the few maintained prime forest natural reserve in Europe, Trnovacko Lake (also known as Ice Lake) hidden at the subjacent of the largest peak of mountain Maglić. Maglic, knows as the foggy mountain whose top is mostly covered with fog. The mountain has numerous springs and waterfalls.

This mountain a guardian of one of the largest prime forest in Europe, Perucica. It is considered that this prime forest is older then 20 000 years. The significance and a worth are reflected in forest richness and some of them are no longer in Europe.

At the very bottom there is a famous waterfall called Skakavac (Grasshopper).

Trnovacko lake, best known for its heart-like shape.he average lake temperature is 20°C plus,and although the lake altitude is 1520 meters, combined with mountain sun allows all day swimming and refreshing.Not to mention the lake is rich with fish and fishing possibilities are inexhaustible (after paying fishing permit to local guard). It is no wonder why during the summer tourist season,hundreds of tourists, campers and fishermen visit the lake.

Maglić is the highest peak in BiH and one of the most attractive destinations which attracts nature lover during the whole year. But also attracts other enthusiasts of untouched nature from the world. Beautiful landscapes, endemic plants and animals are something that won’t be forgotten. It is hard to describe Maglic beauty, that’s why it is the best to come and visit.

Do you want to get out of the everyday life and change the asphalt with untouched nature? Fill your energy storage and let yourself enjoy in the adrenaline flush. Go to the rafting adventure in the most exciting part of Tara river where is the large number of the rapids (more then 20 of them) which  stretches from our camp Encijan to the place called ’Scepan polje’, the place where two rivers, Tara and Piva make river Drina.

Prime Forest Perucica View Point National Park Sutjeska

Plan Trip

Day 1 - Arrival to the camp Encijan

After arrival to the boarder Hum-Scepan Polje in prearranged time, in the afternoon hours between 4pm-6pm, the next is half hour drive through the pleasant ambient of Tara River Canyon to the place called Brstanovica which is also the starting point for Rafting. Our Camp is also located there. For all the participants of this Arrangement is secured parking line for your personal cars. After arrival to the Camp and welcome drink and accommodation to the in the cottages – bungalows and introducing our camp and environment. At 8pm a dinner will be served. On the menu are our local specialities such as veal, lamb, homemade cheese, ham, etc). A night will be continued with the damp fire and traditional live music and you may enjoy as much and as long as you want.

Day 2 - Jeep safari and Rafting River Tara part 1

After breakfast and preparations till to 7 am, the following is transport to Žabljak (Šljivansko) starting rafting point by 10 am. Preparation for the rafting, each participant gets rafting gear (wet suit, neoprene boots, life west, helmet and paddle). Rafting follows along first part of the river in a length of 30 km and duration of 2-3 hours, with breaks for the photo safari, swimming and refreshments. Arrival to camping site Radovan Luka around 3 pm, were will have a lunch. Accommodation at this camping site is at the motel. Afternoon leisure and dinner in the evening.

Day 3 - Rafting River Tara part 2

After breakfast and preparations, rafting follows along second part of the Tara River with breaks for the photo safari and swimming. Also breaks near most interesting parts of the Canyon. Arrival to the Camp “Encijan” around 4 pm where will have a lunch (on the menu rousted lamb, fish and other ethno specialties).  On this camp accommodation is in the mountain huts in a very pleasant environment. After lunch afternoon leisure, swimming, fishing, hike around the camp and upon request visit to old suspension bridge. Around 9 pm diner by the camp fire and afterwards all evening leisure, music “live”, etc…

Day 4 - Rafting River Tara part 3

After breakfast and preparations till to 11.30 am (everyone gets rafting gear, wet suit, boots, life jacket, helmet, paddle) rafting follows along most exciting part of Tara River. Rafting lasts around 2-3 hrs with the brakes for photo safari, swimming and refreshment. From the end point of rafting, Šćepan Polje, Mouth of rivers Tara and Piva, we set back by our 4×4 vehicles to our base camp,  where lunch awaits us. (On the menu are local ethno specialities: rousted veal, fish and other dishes of ethno cuisine…). After lunch afternoon leisure, swimming, fishing hike around the camp and upon request visit to old suspension bridge. Around 9 pm diner by the camp fire and afterwards all evening leisure, music “live”, etc…

Day 5 - Jeep Safari Prime - forest Perucica

After breakfast by 8 am follows preparations to primeval forest Perućica largest primeval forest in Europe. Transport by 4×4 vehicles to “Dragos sedlo” viewpoint at 1306 meters altitude, and after we park our vehicles we enter the forest and have opportunity to take photos of waterfall Skakavac at the very heart of the forest. We leave the forest and after 15 minutes drive we reach viewpoint Prijevor at altitude of 1668 m. An impressive sight on surrounding mountains: Maglic tallest in Bosnia with 2386 m, and also Zelengora and Volujak. Upon arrival to Prijevor, a short hiking tour follows and visit to shepherd settlements nearby, and afterwards picnic in the nature.    Return to Tjentiste around 4 pm with option to visit to memorial Sutjeska Battle (WWII) by 5 pm. Transport to Foca by 6 pm  where the arrangement ends.


Camp Encijan has capacity of 100 beds in 15 mountain huts (bungalows). All huts are built entirely from natural materials, breathable and comfortable. Furniture within the bungalow is new.
Two mountain houses – chalets (each 55m2) are fully furnished with new furniture and comprise of bathroom, kitchen and a spacious living room on the ground floor and two double bedrooms in the attic.

Toilets, sinks and showers are decently furnished, immaculately clean and fully meet the needs of a modern person.Hot water is available in showers.

The best known – outdoor terraces. Most of the terraces are surrounded by greenery and equipped for a comfortable and cozy stay with adequate roofing and are just few meters from the river. Each of these terraces has a fire place and the fire itself gives special charm to evening parties.

Bungalows, terraces, the beaches for sunbathing and swimming, many deck chairs and swing chairs that are a few meters from the river … All of these will make your stay at the camp more comfortable and enjoyable.

Traditional organic food

Organic food

Our traditional homemade cuisine and organic food prepared at our Camp Encijan, which we offer as part of our packages, is another reason why most of our long term and satisfied guests wish to visit us again.

The huge amounts of our delicious home-made food is prepared with love and in a traditional way, entirely from fresh organic food which we provide from our natural surroundings. In a moment, every new bite know to send you to some other and slightly forgotten dimension, in a time of our grandmother’s cuisine.

Our menu offers everything … From a hot doughnuts and home-made bread baked in  a wood stove, all kinds of milk products such as home-made cow and goat cheese, pure mountain honey, fresh trout and home-made ham and prosciutto, lamb and goat meat made under metal pan and everything else what is characteristic for our country.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions

Where is your camp located and how can I reach you?

We are located at a starting point for rafting, place is called Brštanovica.
GPS coordinates of the camp: Latitude: 43.321849 | Longitude: 18.960388
Tourists should come to Šćepan Polje, that is the official B&H – MNE border crossing.We own a parking lot, you can leave your car or RV there, It will be safe. We will pick you up at Šćepan Polje and transport you to our camp. If you are in Foča, you can come to our agency, located in Krajiška 2. Agency is located in the city center, in a passage below the Mozzart restaurant.

Can we pay in cash upon arrival?

You can pay with cash upon your arrival to our camp, that will not be a problem. Many passengers, backpackers and wanderers use this option because It is much easier.

When is the best time to go on rafting?

Anytime during the summer – the Tara river has excellent flows May to September. In May It will be a bit more “extreme” because of water level, families can go raft later in summer when the water level is low. Weekdays are less crowded

How long is the trip?

Depends on a starting point of your rafting trip. Brštanovica – Šćepan polje lasts for one hour and a half, entire Tara river trip will last a day.

How hard are hike trails?

The answer is up to you. Depending on how prepared you are, your trip can be a vacation or a challenge. Mental attitude and adequate water and food consumption are very importan

What about the guides?

A guide will be assigned to your group, so you won’t need any maps. Guides speak English so the communication won’t be a problem

What about food and water?

You will receive food and water from our guides, but you are also allowed to bring your own stuff to the tour.

Do you have menus for vegans and vegetarians?

If you are vegan or vegetarian please notify us while making a reservation or upon your arrival at the camp. We will prepare a special menu for you. Our guests satisfaction is a priority, so do not hesitate to tell us, we are more than happy to oblige.

If you are interested, below you can read all the FAQ related to our business


243€ per person

  • Accommodation in the camp in bungalows on a full board basis
  • All necessary rafting equipment and certified skippers
  • Guide service during the arrangement
  • All transports by 4×4 vehicles during the arrangement
  • Guarded parking lot for your private vehicles
  • Rafting tax on Tara river in amount of 35.00 € per person
  • Tax for entrance in National Park ”Durmitor” of 3.00 € per person per day
  • Accommodation tax in amount of 0.80 € per person per day
  • Tax for entrance in National Park ”Sutjeska” of 2.50 € per person per day
  • Accident insurance during the arrangement in amount of 1.00 € per person per day
  • All other expenses that have not anticipated by the programme

Tax price: 53.00€

  • The listed hours, as well as the program schedule are changeable according with your needs and requirements.
  • Previous experience unnecessary.
  • The program schedule can be extended or combined with other arrangements from our offer.
  • The offered program can be realized during the week.
  • Payment in KM or €.
  • Unnecessary minimum number of participants for the realization of the arrangement.
  • Discount for group over 10 people.
  • Guaranted maximum  security and comfort.


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Attractions from our region

Bosnia and Herzegovina, a heart shaped land, has a lot to offer when It comes to tourism. Spacious mountain views, emerald green lakes, beautiful landscape and picturesque towns. West and the East meet here, so you will learn a lot about cultures, traditions and people. Share what you have learned with your friends at Encijan’s campfire. When It comes to the tours that we organize, here are some destinations that we recommend you to visit:

  • Tara river Canyon
    The canyon is 149 km long with depths reaching 1300m, and it is the deepest and sharpest canyon in Europe.


  • National park Sutjeska
    National park Sutjeska is the largest and oldest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in this part of Europe, but certainly the most beautiful and most diverse one.


  • National park Durmitor
    The most beautiful and highest mountain in Montenegro is also a national park.


  • National park Sutjeska
    Last discovered canyon in Europe with It's unusual beauty and more unusual name.


Activities perhaps u like !

The phenomenal nature leaned on the two National Parks (Sutjeska and Durmitor) and the camp Encijan outdoor resort in the very heart of the canyon provide us with inexhaustible opportunities for the activities which we organize every day. Magical sojourn in untouched nature; Spend unforgetable moments in the very heart of Tara River Canyon where is also our Camp locatedGet away from the crowds and join us on an unforgettable journey.  Get out of everyday life and change the asphalt with untouched nature.

  • National park Sutjeska
    For those who want to experience all aforesaid, we have prepared different packages, and every trip is at first place safe and accommodating your personal needs...


  • National park Sutjeska
    Trekking is joyful walking experience which is combination of hiking and walking activity in which one can take multi day expedition.


  • Hiking
    Hiking is a natural exercise that promotes physical fitness, is economical and convenient, and requires no special equipment.


  • Canyoning
    Jump in hidden pools with crystal clear water beneath the rocks carved from thousands of years. your day is sure to be filled with the sound of cheers for every natural obstacle tackled.


How to reach us

At the border crossing of Scepan Polje, when submitting documents to border police officers, it is necessary to emphasize that you are going to the Tara canyon to Brstanovica. After completing the registration (in case you coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina turn round and turn back only 100 m,  and if you are coming from Montenegro, you go only 100 m forward) where you turn off right from the main road and turn on the local asphalt road leading along the river Tara towards Brštanovica. For more information on how to get to us, see the link below.

Safety & Skippers

All skippers hired by agency Encijan have passed various international trainings and licensed and certified by the IRF(International Rafting Federation), and each of them has multiyear experience in their work and has encountered many trips down the Tara River and most of them consider rafting and adventure as satisfaction and their lifestyle, and then the job.


Prospective guides for Encijan Adventure team spend five years minimum perfecting their Tara River rafting skills under the guidance of veteran trip leaders before earning the position of “Rafting Skipper”. New guides, or guides in training, are known as “Skipper Interns” and it takes a very special person, full of passion, to be successful on the river and work in the natural wilderness of the Tara River Canyon.