Frequently asked questions about camp Encijan, Tara rafting, guides and tours etc. Please keep in mind that we are very busy during the season, so we have prepared this F.A.Q database. If, however, you have not found the right answers feel free to send us an email or contact us via phone (viber / whatsapp)


Where is your camp located and how do I reach you?

Mi se nalazimo na početnoj tački za rafting, mjestu pod nazivom Brštanovica.
GPS koordinate kampa: Širina: 43.321849 | Dužina: 18.960388
Tourists should come to Šćepan Polje, that is the official B&H – MNE border crossing.We own a parking lot, you can leave your car or RV there, It will be safe. We will pick you up at Šćepan Polje and transport you to our camp. If you are in Foča, you can come to our agency, located in Krajiška 2. Agency is located in the city center, in a passage below the Mozzart restaurant.

Do I need to book in advance?

Certain days during the season sell out quickly, so we encourage calling our Reservation office to check for availability. While reservations are required in advance to participate on a rafting trip, we are always busy taking last-minute bookings up to a day or two before a trip. As long as there is available space, we are happy to help you get on the river – even at the last minute!

What about the transportation?

We will arrange a transportation for you from Šćepan Polje to our camp. When you head out on a rafting adventure we will also transport you with our vehicles to other rafting points. When your arrangement is complete, you will be transported back to Šćepan Polje. From there, if you do not own a vehicle, you can take a bus and keep moving. Buses from Montenegro are passing by on a regular basis to Bosnia and Herzegovina through Šćepan Polje.

Možemo li platiti u gotovini po dolasku?

Narano da možete da platite u kešu po dolasku na kamp. Mnogi naši gosti upravo tako plaćaju jer je tako najlakše.

What about fees?

Here is the list of all the fees: Rafting tax on Tara river in amount of 4.30 € per person per day, Residence tax is 0.80 € per person per day, accident insurance during the arrangement in amount of 1.00 € per person per day, Tax for entrance in National Park ”Sutjeska” of 2.50 € per person per day, Entire rafting stream on the Tara river requires 35.00 € per person, Tax for entrance in National Park ”Durmitor” of 3.00 € per person per day. Encijan tourist agency DOES NOT HAVE ANY HIDDEN FEES.

Does your trip include a guide?

We will assign a guide for every tour that you take to National parks, lakes or any other trips. If you are on rafting tour, certified skippers will be assigned to your group. We have got you covered, you do not have to worry about anything.

Staff and the guides, do they speak English?

Affirmative, our guides can speak English very well, our staff too. Employees of the agency, stationed in Foča speak several languages. Do not worry, you will not have to wave with your hand and make smoke signals.

What about nights entertainment?

We organize live music events on weekends, you will be able to chill out next to our campfire and meet new people. What about the other days? Well, depends on how many guests are in the camp. If the camp has lots of guests we will organize live music events on a daily basis.

What alternatives are offered for nonrafters?

Do not worry if you are not into rafting, we have a lot of other programs that will include hiking and trekking tours, jeep safari, canyoning and more! You can visit National park Sutjeska, NP Durmitor, Nevidio canyon, all the lakes in both national parks and much, much more!

None of the arrangements fits my needs, what now?

You do not like a certain part of a program? You would like to create a custom program and choose your own adventure? Something like “Five days of rafting and four days of hiking”? Not a problem! All you have to do is send us a mail with your request and wait until we review it.

How do I get back at the end of the arrangement?

When your arrangement is finished, you will be transported to Šćepan Polje with our vehicles. From there, you can take the bus (they pass through Šćepan Polje  few times a day) and continue with your journey.

I am a backpacker, how do I reach you?

Your journey is the most interesting one, no doubt. All you have to do is come to Šćepan polje, you will be transported to our camp from there with our vehicles. But how do I reach Šćepan polje? Bus goes from Sarajevo, through Foča, from there you can go straight to Šćepan polje by a bus. Coming from Montenegro? Podgorica – Nikšić – Plužine – Šćepan polje. You can take a bus from one place to another. That is it.

Camp& Accommodation

Where is your camp located? How do I reach you?

Mi se nalazimo na početnoj tački za rafting, mjestu pod nazivom Brštanovica.
GPS koordinate kampa: Širina: 43.321849 | Dužina: 18.960388
Turisti bi trebalo da dođu na Ščepan Polje, zvanični granični prelaz BiH-MNE, a zatim kontakirati nas na jedan od sledeća dva broja +387 58/480-280 satelitski telefon na kampu. ili mobilni telefon: + 382 69 / 673-655, a zatim se isključiti na lokalni asfaltirani put za Brštavicu (Po obavljenom prijavljivanju, okrenućete se polukružno i vratiti nazad samo 100m gdje se isključujete desno sa magistralnog puta i uključujete na lokalni asfaltni put koji vodi uz rijeku Taru prema Brštanovici, ukoliko putujete iz Bosne, a ukoliko putujete iz Crne Gore samo nastavite naprijed i nakon 100m skrenete desno.) Prilikom isključenja sa glavnog puta orjentir treba da Vam bude naplatna rampa i bijela naplatna kućica koja se nalazi sa lijeve strane. Na šestom kilometru od skretanja na lokalni put dolazite na raskrsnicu i skrećete lijevo kod narandžastog kioska i držite se asfalta do njegovog kraja bez skretanja na priključne makadamske puteve. Kada dođete do kraja asfalta, potrebno je da svoja vozila parkirate na makadamski parking u desnu traku.

What about parking?

We have a private parking lot, you can park your vehicles there. Do not worry, place is secured, there is a guard at the entrance and fence around the parking lot.

Can we bring RV?

You can leave your RV on our private parking lot. Our camp is at a remote location and we are transporting tourists across the river with boats, so there is really no chance of moving RV across the river. The safest place for your vehicle is a parking lot.

Are there indoor accommodations?

Camp Encijan has capacity of 80 beds in 10 mountain huts (bungalows). All huts are built entirely from natural materials, breathable and comfortable. You have a tent? That is wonderful, our staff will show you the place where you can set up your tent.

Da li vaši bungalovi imaju električnu energiju?

Svi objekti na kampu posjeduju električnu energiju.

Do you allow campfires?

Yes. You can have your own campfire. As always, safety is number one priority to all of us, so make sure to put it out after you are done.

Do you have showers?

Yes, we do have showers and enough hot water.

What about the food?

Here at camp Encijan we serve only the most delicious food. Fresh food is prepared and served every day according to the demands of our guests and we are trying to fulfill all of their requirements. If something is prohibited by your doctor, nutritionist, prohibited by your religion, or you do not want it for any other reasons we will immediately find something that will suit your needs.

Da li pripremate hranu za vegane i vegetarijance?

Ukoliko ste vegan ili vegetarijanac molimo vas da nas obavjestite o tome prilikom rezervacije ili prilikom dolaska na kamp. Pripremićemo poseban jelovnik za vas. Zadovoljstvo naših gostiju nam je na prvom mjestu, zato ne oklijevajte da nam to kažete, a mi ćemo biti presrećni da vam izađemo u susret.

Kako vaš kamp izgleda? Da li mogu da povedem kućnog ljubimca?

The main campground is a large open field located near the coast of Tara river. Accommodation facilities are separated from the restaurant. Pets are allowed in camp Encijan. We have a dog.

Can we drink at camp Encijan?

Why is this a question? Of course you can drink alcohol.

Can I use my own tent?

You can pitch your own tent in our camp, that will not be a problem. Amenities are close, restaurant is close too.


When is the best time to go rafting?

Anytime during the summer – the Tara river has excellent flows May to September. In May It will be a bit more “extreme” because of water level, families can go raft later in summer when the water level is low. Weekdays are less crowded.

Koja je temperatura vode?

In May – temperature is between 5-7 degrees. In June and July between 10 and 13 degrees Celsius. August and September, between 9 and 12 degrees Celsius.

Koji je nivo vode?

Depends, in May, water level is very high, so you will have to come prepared, physically. In June and July, water levels are medium, so you don’t have to worry, It will not be hard, you can even bring kids. August and September- water level is low, perfect for family rafting.

Koliko dugo traje spust?

Depends on a starting point of your rafting trip. Brštanovica – Šćepan polje lasts for one hour and a half, entire Tara river trip will last a day.

Do I need previous experience?

Ne morate da imate prethodno iskustvo, naši skiperi će vas uputiti u sve što trebate da znate.

What happens when it rains?

We raft rain or shine, you are going to get wet in either case. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad equipment, and our equipment is top quality.

Koliko ljudi ide na rafting ?

Devet ljudi ide na čamac, osam turista i jedan skiper.

Is rafting dangerous?

U osnovi, kao i svaki drugi adrenalinski sport, postoji minimalna opasnost, ali mi preduzimamo sve mjere predostrožnosti i fokusiramo se na vašu bezbjednost. Zato ne brinite previše, nego se opustite i uživajte u vašem odmoru.

There are not enough of us to fill a boat, what now?

Bićete na čamcu sa drugim turistima. Kada broj ljudi na čamcu dosegne 8, Mi ćemo angažovati skipera i spremni ste za polazak na vodu.

Da li moram da znam da plivam?

Možete da idete na rafting i uživate sa prijateljima, čak i ako niste dobar plivač. U ovom slučaju, molimo vas da obavjestite našeg skipera prije polaska na rafting.

I have a GoPro / Camera, can I wear it on the river?

DOZVOLJENO je da koristite svoj vlastiti GoPro i druge kamere. i naravno to vam neće biti naplaćeno.

Should I tip my skipper?

It is up to you. Your skipper / guide works hard to ensure that you have a fun, yet safe Tara rafting adventure, and they appreciate being tipped. If you feel your guide has done a good job at keeping you safe and sharing the wonderful river environment with you, feel free to tip them. This is a token of your appreciation. Tipping is always appreciated but never expected.

Hiking, Trekking, Canyoning

What do I need to hike?

Mi ne nudimo čizme niti ruksake, tako da morate ponjeti sopstvene. Organizujemo pretežno jednodnevne ture, tako da vam ne treba šator. Neka putovanja mogu biti izazov za one koji dolaze fizički nespremni.

Koliko su teške pješačke staze?

Odgovor zavisi od vas. U zavisnosti od toga koliko ste pripremljeni, vaše putovanje može biti odmor ili izazov. Psihička spremnost, kao i adekvatno konzumiranje vode i hrane su veoma važni.

What about the guides?

Vodič će biti dodjeljen vašoj grupi, tako da ne trebate nikakve mape i navigacije. Naši vodiči pričaju engleski tako da komunikacija neće biti problem.

Koliko dugo planinarenje traje?

Pretežno organizujemo dnevne ture, u trajanju od nekoliko sati, i to zavisi od toga koliko su članovi grupe fizički spremni. Prevoz u sklopu aranžmana je organizovan kako sa kampa tako i nazad na kamp.

Šta po pitanju hrane i vode ?

Od strane naših vodiča dobićete vodu i hranu, ali takođe možete ponjeti i sopstvene.

What about a permit, are there any fees?

Sve takse su već uključene, ne morate plaćati dodatne naknade. Ako, na primer, vaš aranžman uključuje obilazak Nacionalnog parka Sutjeska, verovatno ste ga već platili. (cijene taksi se nalaze u sekciji cijena aranžmana ne uljučuje)

Do you have a photographer?

No, we do not have a photographer so you will have to take all the pictures by yourself. Good thing is, you do not need any permissions, and you won’t have to pay anything. 100% free.

Is canyoning safe?

U osnovi, kao i svaki drugi adrenalinski sport, postoji minimalna opasnost, ali mi preduzimamo sve mjere predostrožnosti i fokusiramo se na vašu bezbjednost. Zato ne brinite previše, nego se opustite i uživajte u vašem odmoru.

What about the gear in the canyon?

You will receive all the necessary equipment from our guides. Transportation is included.

What skills do I need?

You don’t have to be a world class athlete in order to explore and enjoy the canyon, but you do have to come prepared both physically and mentally. It won’t be easy, but It is not impossible either.

Am I insured against any accidents?

Da. Kada platite iznos aranžmana, ujedno i plaćate osiguranje?

When is the best time to visit Nevidio canyon?

The best time to visit Nevidio canyon is during the summer, and we do tours only in that period.