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What is rafting?

About Rafting

Rafting and white water rafting are recreational outdoor activities which use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. This is often done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water, and generally represents a new and challenging environment for participants. Dealing with risk and the need for teamwork is often a part of the experience. The development of this activity as a leisure sport has become popular since the mid-1970s, evolving from individuals paddling 10 feet (3.0 m) rafts with double-bladed paddles to multi-person rafts propelled by single-bladed paddles and steered by a tour guide at the stern. It is considered an extreme sport, and can be fatal. The International Rafting Federation (IRF) is the worldwide body which oversees all aspects of the sport.

What are the levels of difficulty and how extreme rapids may be?
As per the International Scale of River Difficulty, below are the six grades of difficulty in white water rafting. They range from simple to very dangerous and potential death or serious injuries.

The lowest one is grade 1 (Very small rough areas, might require slight maneuvering) and the highes tone is grade 6 (Class 6 rapids are considered to be so dangerous that they are effectively unnavigable on a reliably safe basis).

There are a number of factors that go into River Rafting and all depend on what your objectives are. However for someone on a birthday party or just looking for a fun adventure day for the family then rafting with a reputable company like Splash with over twenty years of experience is the way forward. During the trip, we take care of everything that is needed for a successful trip including safety, instruction and equipment. This allows the client can dive straight in and have an amazing adventure experience River Rafting. Rafting is an experience that sees many of our clients come back time and time again.

Tara rafting at camp Encijan

Tara River rafting

Rafting is not an adventure that can be taken for granted, especially on Tara River, which is recognized as one of the best in the world for rafting alongside to Colorado or Zambezi rivers. In May 2009, Tara River hosted the World Rafting Championship, which suggests the capacity of our local beauty.

For those who want to experience all aforesaid, we have prepared different packages, and every trip is at first place safe and accommodating your personal needs, particularly for adventurists who seek a rafting adventure for the first time.

We use rubber rafting boats made specifically for white water. These are high quality boats with an 8-10 person capacity, operated by our experienced and licensed skippers.
All our skippers have passed many trainings and are IRF (International Rafting Federation) certified. They have had countless rafting tours Tara river and know every rock and rapid. For our skippers, rafting is at first place a pleasure and way of life, and after is a job.

Rafting never lasts the same amount of time, and depends on the time period and month, as well as the level, speed, and part of the river being traveled. It is also dependent on the people on the boat, because every rafter is an active participant in this sport; together with skipper, paddles and contributes to the complete journey…

Whitewater rafting is truly an exciting adventure that is often considered a once in a lifetime , an activity that anyone can join.

During the summer tourist season, the water temperature is 11-12 °C. Neoprene suits and raft boots in order to protect and keep you warm. We also use helmets and quality life jackets, fully preparing you to stream down the river and her “foamy and boiling rapids”.

Each and every rafting tour on Tara River is not the same. For example, the most attractive part of the river, which is approximately 20 kilometers long, from Camp Encijan to Scepan Polje, in April and May lasts 30-45 minutes and in July and August lasts 3-4 hours.

If you are coming for first time, we recommend that you come in the summertime, between the beginning of June until August, when the level of water is optimal for safe rafting, but also for the adrenaline pleasure of going through “foamy and boiling rapids”.

Tara rafting camp Encijan's skippers

Safety & Skippers

All skippers hired by agency Encijan have passed various international trainings and licensed and certified by the IRF(International Rafting Federation), and each of them has multiyear experience in their work and has encountered many trips down the Tara River and most of them consider rafting and adventure as satisfaction and their lifestyle, and then the job.

We own the most advanced and high-quality rafting equipment in full capacity for 150 people, which was produced in accordance with European standards and CE certified, and the application and use of such equipment during the rafting trips, we put maximum priority to your safety and security.

Quality assurance of our services is a “four golden boats” or “four stars” rate out of max five, given by reputable international institutions such as the “Canyon Adventure Land”. This rates our agency in terms of the entire organization, level and quality of services we provide as part of our work, as well as the assessment of quantity and quality of our equipment and quality of the services during the execution of rafting trips. Dedication and professionalism that we manifest in our everyday work are the proof that our intention is to be five stars rated soon!

If you’re ready for the challenge, you can be confident in us and we will be happy to join you for a new Tara rafting adventure!

Tara rafting kamp Encijan's equipment


Encijan Agency has the most advanced and high-quality raft equipment, in a capacity for 150 persons, which was produced by European standards and certified with CE certificates, and using such equipment in the realization rafting trips, safety and security is our top priority.
Our sister company „Sherpas “, deals with the production and distribution of equipment for all types of extreme sports under its own brand, including equipment for rafting. High quality „Sherpa ‘s ” rafting equipment is used not only by our agency, but also other agencies in the same business, not only on Tara River, but also throughout the country and in the region of the other rivers. So for quality and proper equipment there is no need to worry…
We guarantee that you will prior every rafting trip get the appropriate rafting equipment, which suits your needs, from appropriate size and model, and proper equipment suitable to the given weather conditions. All above mentioned means a lot in our business.

All of you who already had some rafting experience, and if you experienced troubles concerning equipment, will surely understand what we mean… when in May or June, your rafting agency sets you to the cold river in short wet suits and when you get cold and frozen, or when during delivery of rafting equipment you’re lucky if you can get any life vest or neoprene suit or neoprene boots no matter if one is size 42 and the other 45.

Safety, security and your comfort are always our top priority. And just as we like ironically to say “there is no bad weather for rafting but only bad equipment”

  • Rafting helmet
    Rafting helmet

    Apart from life vest, helmet is a basic equipement during rafting trips… Its role is to protect you from injury in the event of any incident on the water. Designed and produced in accordance with European CE standards, and appropriately certified. The interior of the helmet is lined with a waterproof and soft stuffing so it is comfortable. It has ear protectors and with the couple of its easily adjustable strips and fast clips for installation, tightening and removal, you will qickly get used to it.

  • Life west
    Life vest

    From security aspect, life vest is a very basic piece of equipement used during rafting trips! Its use is a MUST during whole rafting trip. It has appropriate approval for its use and is made in line with European CEstandard. Its main purpose is to keep you at the water surface in the event of any incident on the water such as a single falling or tipping over the boat. It is filled with floating and waterresistant foam, and with all ist force it „ejects” you to water surface. With the help of regulators with adjustable band, its use is quite easy and provided with adequate size it is quickly adjustable to your physical constitution, and weight.

  • Anorak jacket
    Anorak jacket

    Waterproof anorak jacket, designed for use during rafting trips or other water sports. Its main purpose is to protect against water, moisture and cold. Mandatory item and an integral part of a raft equipment used during bad weather. Maximum functional, and due to neoprene latex seals around necka and wrists, keeps you dry.

  • Neoprene
    Neoprene suit (long sleeves)

    High quality long neoprene suit,thickness of 5 mm, which has the role to protect from moisture, water, and cold during rafting trips. It has function, in combination with moisture and water due to sponge filling, to form intermediate layer, or thermal membrane between your body and the suit, which keeps you warm and protects you from the cold. This model of long suit is an inevitable piece of raft equipment in bad weather conditions.

  • Neoprene
    Neoprene suit (long sleeves)

    The classic and most common model of neoprene suits for rafting. The model which is used during the whole rafting season. Maximum functional outfit in which you feel comfortable and uninhibited, in combination with the anorak jacket makes komlept ideal for rafting. It has been made of high quality neoprene material thickness of 5 mm, which has a protective role and function to heat up. Built-in zipper on the back and anckles, makes it easy to use.

  • Neoprene
    Short neoprene suit

    Model of neoprene suits that is rarely used, only during warm and sunny days. Made of neoprene materialthickness of 3 mm, and due to specificity of the model itself, the short sleeves and short legs, makes it very comfortable for use.

  • Neoprene boots
    Neoprene boots

    Due to temperature of the water in the Tara river, and the fact that your legs are almost always wet and in contact with water, neoprene boots are also an essential part of raft equipment that we use. Primarily role is to keep you legs warm, and also to provide you more comfortable movement, both on the boat and on the shore. They are made of a neoprene material having a thickness of 6 mm with adequate thermal lining. Fastening system with built-in zipper on the inside of the boots allows you easy use.

  • Rafting paddle
    Rafting paddle

    Standard piece of equipment that comes with all the other rafting equipment, due to fact that you active participant during rafting trip, and together with experienced skipper who manages the boat, you also contribute to the overall rafting experience.The paddle is made of aluminum very light, with plastic spatula in the lower part and anatomical handgrip at the top of the paddle.

  • Rafting boat
    Rafting boat

    Rubber rafting boat is made especially for the purpose of white water rafting. It is made of multi-layer rubber Hypalon material, capacity of 8-10 people. With their 6-8 chambers, it is extremely stable and functional boat on the water, which guarantees safe and secure rafting trip.


Tara rafting is a synonym for an unusual adventure…
That it is really that way-with only one rafting trip through Tara canyon and its “foamy and boiling rapids”, your blood will boil, and with all the adrenaline, you can alive and awaken within yourself that long time forgotten and deep buried spirit of adventure that we all carry within us

White water Tara River rafting

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The phenomenal nature leaned on the two National Parks (Sutjeska and Durmitor) and the camp Encijan outdoor resort in the very heart of the canyon provide us with inexhaustible opportunities for the activities which we organize every day. Magical sojourn in untouched nature; Spend unforgettable moments in the very heart of Tara River Canyon where is also our Camp locatedGet away from the crowds and join us on an unforgettable journey.

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Choose your ADVENTURE !

According to our many years experience in outdoor tourism, we are able to offer you more variants from our well designed arrangements (or packages) from one day and multiple days adventures tour in our country. Shell us, together with you, go into a little adventure and fearlessly stream our boats down the Tara and its boiling cascades…Or we go together with you with our backpacks to cruise along one of the most beautiful national parks in The Balkans…And maybe we’ll just get lazy together with you and enjoy the ethnic specialties of our cuisine…We have created programs which will exceed all your expectations! Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, nature lover, history buff or even foodie – do not worry, we have got you covered! Choose a program that fits your personality the best and live through an unforgettable experience!

It`s your choice…

  • Tara River rafting package A2
    Package for those who do not satisfy with only one rafting along boiling river rapids and wish to repeat it next day immediately!

  • For all those who do not have enough time, but want to experience whole Tara Canyon and two day rafting…

  • Perucica and Tara River rafting package A3
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  • Tara river rafting package A9
    Taste rafting and experience two relaxed nights in the heart of the Canyon! Package for those who do not rush, and want to spend one more night in the Camp after rafting experience, and go back on trip home, really relaxed.


Organic food

food at encijan

Our traditional homemade cuisine and organic food prepared at our Camp Encijan, which we offer as part of our packages, is another reason why most of our long term and satisfied guests wish to visit us again.

The huge amounts of our delicious home-made food is prepared with love and in a traditional way, entirely from fresh organic food which we provide from our natural surroundings. In a moment, every new bite know to send you to some other and slightly forgotten dimension, in a time of our grandmother’s cuisine.

About Us

How it all began

Encijan Adventure Team began offering whitewater rafting through the Tara River Canyon to customers looking for adventure back in 2002.  Very few team members, as founders of the company, set out on a simple mission to provide the opportunity to the adventure seekers to experience the awe-inspiring natural wonder of the Canyon on Tara River rafting trips.


Prospective guides for Encijan Adventure team spend five years minimum perfecting their Tara River rafting skills under the guidance of veteran trip leaders before earning the position of “Rafting Skipper”. New guides, or guides in training, are known as “Skipper Interns” and it takes a very special person, full of passion, to be successful on the river and work in the natural wilderness of the Tara River Canyon.