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Trnovacko jezero trekking turida

About Trnovacko lake

At the bottom of Maglic Mountain, at an altitude of 1520 meters, lies one of the last jewels of unspoiled nature in its emerald green beauty.
We start from Tjentište with our off-road vehicles to primeval forest Perucica, where we take a quick look at the last beauty in Europe before continuing on to Prijevor. After an easy two hour walk from Prijevor to Suha jezerina, followed by a half an hour medium difficulty climb, we arrive at the lake.
When you get there, you will see an unbelievable sight, forget your tiredness, and realize that the effort was worthwhile – a huge, crystal clear and dark green lake, and on its mirror-like surface, you can see the surrounding mountains.

Like sights from the Swiss Alps! When you take a look around on these mountains that surround the lake, you have the feeling that they are tasked to protect the lake with their strong shoulders and hide this jewel of nature.
The nature that surrounds the lake offers many possible tours and climbs. Climb to Maglic Mountain, the highest peak in BiH at 2386 meters in altitude, is the most attractive. The path that starts from the lake to the top is one of the easiest directions to climb on Maglic, and most mountain lovers choose this route. The average lake temperature is 20°C plus,and although the lake altitude is 1520 meters, combined with mountain sun allows all day swimming and refreshing. Not to mention the lake is rich with fish and fishing possibilities are inexhaustible (after paying fishing permit to local guard). It is no wonder why during the summer tourist season,hundreds of tourists, campers and fishermen visit the lake. If you want to visit this untouched jewel of nature, at least for few hours, be sure you won’t regret.


Trnovacko lake is located in National Park Sutjeska city of Foca on altitude of 1517 meter.

Rich flora and fauna because it is located near Prime forest Perucica

Nearby cities – Foca (located in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina); Sarajevo (located in central Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Sarajevo International Airport (B&H); Podgorica International Airport (MNE); Dubrovnik International Airport (CRO)

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More popular attractions

Bosnia and Herzegovina, a heart shaped land, has a lot to offer when It comes to tourism. Spacious mountain views, emerald green lakes, beautiful landscape and picturesque towns. West and the East meet here, so you will learn a lot about cultures, traditions and people. Share what you have learned with your friends at Encijan’s campfire. When It comes to the tours that we organize, here are some destinations that we recommend you to visit:

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    The canyon is 149 km long with depths reaching 1300m, and it is the deepest and sharpest canyon in Europe.

  • Piva lake attraction

    Piva lake
    Lake Piva (Pivskojezero) is a reservoir in Montenegro.


  • National park Sutjeska
    National park Sutjeska is the largest and oldest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in this part of Europe, but certainly the most beautiful and most diverse one.

  • Kanjon Hrcavke NP Sutjeska

    National park Sutjeska
    Between the mountain ridge of the mountain Zelengora at an altitude of 1570 meters springs Hrcavka River.


Choose your ADVENTURE !

According to our many years experience in outdoor tourism, we are able to offer you more variants from our well designed arrangements (or packages) from one day and multiple days adventures tour in our country. Shell us, together with you, go into a little adventure and fearlessly stream our boats down the Tara and its boiling cascades…Or we go together with you with our backpacks to cruise along one of the most beautiful national parks in The Balkans…And maybe we’ll just get lazy together with you and enjoy the ethnic specialties of our cuisine…We have created programs which will exceed all your expectations! Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, nature lover, history buff or even foodie – do not worry, we have got you covered! Choose a program that fits your personality the best and live through an unforgettable experience!

It`s your choice…

  • Maglic and Tara River rafting package A7
    Package that offers visit to National park Sutjeska, primeval Forest Perucica, experience rafting along Tara River, and as a crown at the end, enjoy in the view from the B&Hs tallest mountain.

  • Perucica and Tara River rafting package A3
    Hiking trough one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe. Jeep and photo safari trough National park Sutjeska combined with Tara River Rafting.

  • Tara river rafting package A9
    Taste rafting and experience two relaxed nights in the heart of the Canyon! Package for those who do not rush, and want to spend one more night in the Camp after rafting experience, and go back on trip home, really relaxed.

  • Trnovacko lake package
    Trekking along most beautiful part of National Park Sutjeska, visit to Primeval forest Perucica, Prijevor plateau and swimming in emerald green Trnovacko lake at the bottom of Mt. Maglic all combined with Tara rafting



Camp Encijan has capacity of 100 beds in 15 mountain huts (bungalows). All huts are built entirely from natural materials, breathable and comfortable. Furniture within the bungalow is new.
Two mountain houses – chalets (each 55 m2) are fully furnished with new furniture and comprise of bathroom, kitchen and a spacious living room on the ground floor and two double bedrooms in the attic. Toilets, sinks and showers are decently furnished, immaculately clean and fully meet the needs of a modern person.Hot water is available in shower

Organic food

food at encijan

Our traditional homemade cuisine and organic food prepared at our Camp Encijan, which we offer as part of our packages, is another reason why most of our long term and satisfied guests wish to visit us again.

The huge amounts of our delicious home-made food is prepared with love and in a traditional way, entirely from fresh organic food which we provide from our natural surroundings. In a moment, every new bite know to send you to some other and slightly forgotten dimension, in a time of our grandmother’s cuisine.


Prospective guides for Encijan Adventure team spend five years minimum perfecting their Tara River rafting skills under the guidance of veteran trip leaders before earning the position of “Rafting Skipper”. New guides, or guides in training, are known as “Skipper Interns” and it takes a very special person, full of passion, to be successful on the river and work in the natural wilderness of the Tara River Canyon.