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National Park Sutjeska Tjentiste

Area of natural beauty

National park Sutjeska is the largest and oldest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in this part of Europe, but certainly the most beautiful and most diverse one. Surely it deserved to gain status of a protected nature reserve.The oldest National park covers area of more then 16 000 hectares. And the most of this park is covered forest and pastures.

NP Sutjeska is famous  for the Partisan victory over the Germans in WW II and there are large stone monuments commemorating the event.

Bosnian highest peak ‘Maglic’ belongs to this park.This mountain is a guardian of one of the largest prime forest in Europe, Perucica. It is considered that Perucica is older then 20 000 years. The significance and a worth are reflected in forest richness and some of them are no longer in Europe.Mountain plateau at 1668 meters above sea level, and is also one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the National Park “Sutjeska”.

Zelengora offers an active vacation, but this is primarily a vacation for the soul.Clear lake, collecting herbs, berries and mushrooms are just some of the activities that are like an exhaust valve for a man, and express his return to the lost peace of mind.At the very bottom there is a famous waterfall called Skakavac (Grasshopper). The Sutjeska River has carved a impressive valley through the park.

 Eight glacier lakes on Zelengora mountainand they are known as Mountain eyes”. There are impressive canyons of Sutjeska, Jabucnina and Hrcavka

In this park you can feel and see the beauty of nature; the roar and the magical silence of the forests, the sound of crystal clear rivers and streams, an eagle and a wild call, …


Tjentiste is place located in the canyon of Sutjeska River. Tjentiste got the name from the Latin word ‘tent’ because of the traders and merchants who stopped there and spend a night to rest.

In this place a significant number of monuments are kept. Monuments called ‘stećci’ such as  remains of of the church, three stone chairs, etc.  Stećci are widespread in Tjentiste and its surroundings. Over 300 tombstones have been recorded in this place.

One of the famous battle was held on Tjentiste. The battle is called Case Black or Battle of Sutjeska or Operation Fall Schwarz. The military action took place during World War II and saw Axis forces attempt to rout a group of Yugoslavian forces and capture their leader. Around 20,000 partisans fought against 120,000 German soldiers and their local helpers in the Battle of Sutjeska. Over 7,000 people were killed during this battle. In memory of the Battle of Sutjeska, in the 1960 s, numerous monuments were erected in and around the Park. In 1971 a memorial complex was erected at Tjentište.  In July 27, 1975, the memorial house of the Battle of Sutjeska is opened, the work of Ranko Radović.

At Tjentište there is a sports and recreation center with terrains for football, athletics, basketball, volleyball, handball, as well as an outdoor swimming pool of 16000 m².

For the last five years over the summer Tjeniste is the center of the  music festival ‘OK fest’. Positive energy, great music and many good people marked this year’s fifth “OK fest”, which hosted the top names of the regional and world music scene and fulfilled the already high expectations of visitors.

For sure this place is worth visiting it.


Mountain plateau at 1668 meters above sea level, and is also one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the National Park “Sutjeska”.

And when we add the fact that it is also located in the foothills of the mountain Maglić, which with its 2386 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain in BiH, surely gives credibility to the previous statement of the beauty of this lookout.

Prijevor is the starting point for several hiking trails and paths, such as the paths to Maglić, along which ones can climb to the top in less than 3 hours, or paths to Trnovačko Lake, one of the most beautiful glacial lakes in the Balkans, which is also accessible in less than 3 hours walk.

At the heart of the plateau, there is a well of ice- cold drinking water, and also at the central part of the plateau there is a high watchtower, from which you can enjoy for hours in view of the surrounding range of mountains that surrounds you and gives you a feeling like you are somewhere in the middle of the Swiss Alps.

During the summer months, the entire plateau Prijevor is rich in flora,i.e.lush mountain vegetation full of specific and beautiful mountain flowers, many of which are rare and endemic species, which can be found and seen just in this region. In addition, the plateau offers a wide range of medicinal herbs, some of which can be used to make very delicious mountain teas.

And during the month of August, if you find yourself in Prijevor, you will have the opportunity to freshen up and taste juicy mountain blueberries that grow on the entire plateau.

If you decide to visit the National Park Sutjeska, make sure to visit the plateau, where you will certainly enjoy in what you have to experience and see.

perucica primeval forest

Wild and untouched jungle

Wild and untouched jungle and one of the last oases of nature in Europe. The most precious and the biggest pearl of NP Sutjeska natural treasure in Perucica. For centuries it has been resisting to civilization and human desire to conquer her due to material interests. While that may be so, but through centuries her inaccessibility was her biggest defense and in 1952, Perućica was pronounced a strictly protected reserve of nature, like one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe.

When you arrive at the „Dragošsedlo“ viewpoint, where you can see 13 000 hectares of brutal and clean nature, it is experience on its own, but when you look deep into the profound and see unreal image of wild beauty and waterfall „Skakavac“, and how it falls down along vertical rocks in length of 80 meters with all its force. It`s a breath taking sight, and definitely amazing. And when you thought how phenomenal it would be to go under the waterfall in that moment, you awaken the adventurer gene and spirit, that all of us carry deeply buried inside ourselves. A view from Dragossedlo to Skakavac is memorable, a captivating sight that is a symbol of the landscape.

How from huge down thrown rotten tree a new life begins and how a thin new tree battles with 50 meter highlanders, a few centuries old, for their place under the sun can’t be written, it has to be seen. To go deep into the heart of the jungle and to put a crown on that effort by a shower under the waterfall, while thousands of icy drops fall on you like frost, is truly unforgettable experience of a lifetime The primeval forest is a strictly protected area and along with those principles, during your visit, we must behave with respect and must not ruin what Mother Nature unselfishly gave to us.

Beautiful and adorable

Green Mountain… With spring greenest… But in the early fall, her gown is changing and slowly takes rosy yellow color , which , as it gives the fatigue of the invisible but constant struggle against all harsh climate, brought by new age. But in spite of all, this kind of green oasis provides a perfect haven to escape from the asphalt desert, which grows over time, arrogantly devouring everything that gets in its path of growth.

Zelengora is one of the most beautiful mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina.“mountain eyes” – clear glacial lakes, located in the very bases of its peaks made by God’s hand are a paradise for nature lovers. Orlovačko Lake- rich in fish, and attracts many types of fishermen to its shores every day and testing their luck. Crno jezero (Black Lake) – oval-shaped, of 80 m in length and 1-1.5 m in depth. The shoreline is swampy, with black mold covering not only the coast but the bottom as well, and therefore the name Black Lake. Those are just two of 8 lakes known as ‘mountain eyes’.

Zelengora offers an active vacation, but this is primarily a vacation for the soul. Hiking, walking, biking along arranged and marked trails, swimming in one of the crystal -clear lake, collecting herbs, berries and mushrooms are just some of the activities that are like an exhaust valve for a man, and express his return to the lost peace of mind.

We  recommended as an ideal destination for a family holidays, away from the noise and bustle . For nature lovers this is the a very favorable destination from the financial aspect too. A place that takes a little bit, and in turn gives a lot. The place where batteries are recharged fastest…

Trnovacko jezero trekking turida

Emerald green beauty

At the bottom of Maglic Mountain, at an altitude of 1520 meters, lies one of the last jewels of unspoiled nature in its emerald green beauty.
We start from Tjentište with our off-road vehicles to primeval forest Perucica, where we take a quick look at the last beauty in Europe before continuing on to Prijevor. After an easy two hour walk from Prijevor to Suha jezerina, followed by a half an hour medium difficulty climb, we arrive at the lake.
When you get there, you will see an unbelievable sight, forget your tiredness, and realize that the effort was worthwhile – a huge, crystal clear and dark green lake, and on its mirror-like surface, you can see the surrounding mountains.

Like sights from the Swiss Alps! When you take a look around on these mountains that surround the lake, you have the feeling that they are tasked to protect the lake with their strong shoulders and hide this jewel of nature.
The nature that surrounds the lake offers many possible tours and climbs. Climb to Maglic Mountain, the highest peak in BiH at 2386 meters in altitude, is the most attractive. The path that starts from the lake to the top is one of the easiest directions to climb on Maglic, and most mountain lovers choose this route. The average lake temperature is 20°C plus,and although the lake altitude is 1520 meters, combined with mountain sun allows all day swimming and refreshing. Not to mention the lake is rich with fish and fishing possibilities are inexhaustible (after paying fishing permit to local guard). It is no wonder why during the summer tourist season,hundreds of tourists, campers and fishermen visit the lake. If you want to visit this untouched jewel of nature, at least for few hours, be sure you won’t regret.

Prijevor pogled na Maglic

Mystical and unknowable

Giant Mountain of 2386 meters above sea level and is also the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Maglić is the highest peak in BiH and one of the most attractive destinations which attracts nature lover during the whole year. But also attracts other enthusiasts of untouched nature from the world. Beautiful landscapes, endemic plants and animals are something that won’t be forgotten. It is hard to describe Maglic beauty, that’s why it is the best to come and visit. Located in the most beautiful part of the National Park Sutjeska, in the eternal symbiosis with one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe, Perucica, makes this destination one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the said park. Maglic, known as the foggy mountain whose top is mostly covered with fog is also a guardian of one of the largest prime forest in Europe, Perucica. During the summer tourist season and good weather, when the giant turns into a benign and generous mountain, hundreds of hikers, adventurers and nature lovers move to conquer its peaks, and the mountain giant generously accepts them to its benevolent bosom. Mountain which is really worth a visit, experience and try to conquer. And if you’re a true fan of the peaks and mountains, and if you want to test the limits of your capabilities, and to try to register the more than one win in your life, Encijan adventure team is at your service… Everything from experienced mountain guides, to perfect organization of the equipment and utility vehicles.

This mountain is a truly unforgettable experience.

Hrcavka canyon nature

Canyon Hrcavka

Canyons can be very easy or extremely difficult, though emphasis in the sport is usually on aesthetics and fun rather than pure difficulty. A wide variety of canyoning routes are found throughout the world, and canyoning is enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels.

Between the mountain ridge of the mountain Zelengora at an altitude of 1570 meters springs Hrcavka River. This river belongs to Foca, actually to NP Sutjeska and with its flows through the confluence of the Sutjeska River at an altitude of 530 meters.

Hrčavka is the largest tributary of Sutjeska and the altitude difference from the source to the confluence in the Sutjeska is about 1000 meters.

Hrcavka Canyon is one of the last discovered canyons in Europe and by its very nature is wild and intact. The passage through the canyon is traced with two times the length of about 13 km and the passage through the canyon can take between 4 h-6 h.

Hrcavka Canyon is covered with rocks on both sides up to 200 meters high. If you want to swim be ready for a old but clean water.

The canyon itself is quite demanding and it is necessary to use the alpinistic equipment as well to swim and jump from rocks.


The total area of NP “Sutjeska” is 175 square kilometers

Maglic (2386 meters) is highest peek located in NP “Sutjeska”, also highest peek in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Prime-forest Perucica, the biggest prime forest in Europe is located in NP “Sutjeska”.

Rich variety of flora and fauna.

The battle of Sutjeska (WWII) memorial monument.

Foca (located in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina); Sarajevo (located in central Bosnia and Herzegovina); Trebinje( located in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Sarajevo International Airport (B&H); Podgorica International Airport (MNE); Dubrovnik International Airport (CRO)

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More popular attractions

Bosnia and Herzegovina, a heart shaped land, has a lot to offer when It comes to tourism. Spacious mountain views, emerald green lakes, beautiful landscape and picturesque towns. West and the East meet here, so you will learn a lot about cultures, traditions and people. Share what you have learned with your friends at Encijan’s campfire. When It comes to the tours that we organize, here are some destinations that we recommend you to visit:

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Camp Encijan has capacity of 100 beds in 15 mountain huts (bungalows). All huts are built entirely from natural materials, breathable and comfortable. Furniture within the bungalow is new.
Two mountain houses – chalets (each 55 m2) are fully furnished with new furniture and comprise of bathroom, kitchen and a spacious living room on the ground floor and two double bedrooms in the attic. Toilets, sinks and showers are decently furnished, immaculately clean and fully meet the needs of a modern person.Hot water is available in shower

Organic food

food at encijan

Our traditional homemade cuisine and organic food prepared at our Camp Encijan, which we offer as part of our packages, is another reason why most of our long term and satisfied guests wish to visit us again.

The huge amounts of our delicious home-made food is prepared with love and in a traditional way, entirely from fresh organic food which we provide from our natural surroundings. In a moment, every new bite know to send you to some other and slightly forgotten dimension, in a time of our grandmother’s cuisine.


Prospective guides for Encijan Adventure team spend five years minimum perfecting their Tara River rafting skills under the guidance of veteran trip leaders before earning the position of “Rafting Skipper”. New guides, or guides in training, are known as “Skipper Interns” and it takes a very special person, full of passion, to be successful on the river and work in the natural wilderness of the Tara River Canyon.