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Bosnia and Herzegovina, a heart shaped land, has a lot to offer when It comes to tourism. Spacious mountain views, emerald green lakes, beautiful landscape and picturesque towns. West and the East meet here, so you will learn a lot about cultures, traditions and people. Share what you have learned with your friends at Encijan’s campfire. When It comes to the tours that we organize, here are some destinations that we recommend you to visit:

Attractions from our region

To be a part of all this is a state. Experience and love all this is an act. You will bear the state, but the act is up to you!

In our surroundings, besides the natural attractions, there are also towns and sights (historical cultural sights) that we recommend to visit, like the famous  The Bridge on the Drina ( Na Drina cuprija) in Visegrad, which was also written by our novelist  Ivo Andric, the old bridge in Mostar under the “UNESCO” protection and already mentioned on The Bridge on the Drina, the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the old town of Bascarsija and Trebinje, the city of sun and wine.

See what other say about us ?

Choose your adventure!

According to our many years experience in outdoor tourism, we are able to offer you more variants from our well designed arrangements (or packages) from one day and multiple days adventures tour in our country. Shell us, together with you, go into a little adventure and fearlessly stream our boats down the Tara and its boiling cascades…Or we go together with you with our backpacks to cruise along one of the most beautiful national parks in The Balkans…And maybe we’ll just get lazy together with you and enjoy the ethnic specialties of our cuisine…We have created programs which will exceed all your expectations! Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, nature lover, history buff or even foodie – do not worry, we have got you covered! Choose a program that fits your personality the best and live through an unforgettable experience!

It`s your choice…

Our Camp Encijan

Outdoor resort In the very heart of the Tara River Canyon, miles away from modern civilization and at the beginning of the most exciting rafting part of river, there is a place called Brstanovica and Camp Encijan on it, one of the most beautiful camps on Tara river and only one at the Bosnian side of river. Rafting Camp Encijan has a tradition of over 15 years and thousand of happy tourist per season…Here is one of the last remaining oases of tranquility and hedonism… One of the first camps ever built on the banks of Tara River…

About Us

How it all began
Rafting camp Encijan exists more then 15 years, and is one of the first camps that have been built by the Tara River.
Encijan Adventure Team began offering whitewater rafting through the Tara River Canyon to customers looking for adventure back in 2002.  Very few team members, as founders of the company, set out on a simple mission to provide the opportunity to the adventure seekers to experience the awe-inspiring natural wonder of the Canyon on Tara River rafting trips.

Discounts and benefits

You have a group of friends, fellow coworkers or family that you spend a lot of time with? You may want to consider taking a quality group vacation.

For all larger organized groups, such as firms, companies, civic associations, mountaineering and sports associations, as well as all other similar organizations, we have also prepared some discounts and benefits, and to any organized group of two digits, for every ten people, in this case, we offer one package gratis.