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Arrangement D2 - Canyon Nevidio ( one day)

Do you want to test your capabilities? Are you ready to walk for hours along narrow and dark corridors of the Canyon, swim in ice cold water, and descend along steep and slippery rocks? This package is foreseen only for those really determined and sure in own capabilities wanting to experience UNSEEN!

The mysterious and challenging Canyon Nevidio is the right choice for adventurers, adrenaline addicts, brave, persistent and true nature lovers. Discovered in 1965, the Nevidio Canyon is the true jewel of NP Durmitor. A 4.5 km long, 2m-3m width lies the last conquered canyon in Europe. The name itself symbolically speaks of the canyon: you can not see, which is not seen, the name reminiscent of the mysterious inaccessibility of the canyon that has long remained hidden from the human eye. The tourist attraction of invaluable goods is an adventure that is hard to resist. Those who decide to take this alpine adventure must know that once you get in and start going down the galleries, cascades and waterfalls you cannot go back – you have to go all the way to the end. It is a real challenge to enter Nevidio, pass through this part, with a narrow and deep cleft that is engraved in a small river Komarnica between the slopes of Durmitor and Vojnik.

The minimum number of participants for this arrangement is 4, and if there is less, please feel free to contact us to check if we can combine your reservation with another group of participants.

Plan trip

After accepting the guests at the agreed location, such as our agency Encijan in the city  Foca or our camp in the very heart of the Tara canyon in the morning hours (recommended time between 9h-10h), the next is a transport to the destination.

Upon arrival at the entrance of the Canyon, short break and for coffee and preparations for the adventure. All participants are fully equipped (neoprene suits *long johns and long sleeves jackets*, life wests and helmets). After short safety briefing and short climbing course, we enter the Canyon led by experienced and certified professional guides (all guides are members of the Mountain rescue service). First 300-400m of the Canyon are not so demanding, so it is a good opportunity to adopt to surroundings and of course it is a last opportunity for ones to think again Afterwards, In the front of us there is a most demanding part of the Canyon, with serious obstacles, cascades and rapids. During next 2-3 hours we swim, dive, trough corridors and “pool” that Mother nature has been shaping for centuries, and we have opportunity to see real Nature’s breath taking work of art. In the middle of our adventure, at the very heart of the Canyon, we make short energy break and try to regain strength with some energy snacks (figs, almonds, dried grapes…) Blood sugar level at this point will be very low due to all adrenaline that runs through our blood vessels. After the break, with additional strength and encouraged by experience we already had, we continue on. In the next 1-2hrs we have the same “mixture” of climbing, jumping, diving to whirlpools, descending down the slippery rocks with or without ropes and of course with all adrenaline present, finally we reach the exit of the Canyon. Upon “escape” from the Canyon and lunch in nearby ethno restaurant we go back to our base destination.

Traditional organic food

Organic food

Our traditional homemade cuisine and organic food prepared at our Camp Encijan, which we offer as part of our packages, is another reason why most of our long term and satisfied guests wish to visit us again.

The huge amounts of our delicious home-made food is prepared with love and in a traditional way, entirely from fresh organic food which we provide from our natural surroundings. In a moment, every new bite know to send you to some other and slightly forgotten dimension, in a time of our grandmother’s cusine.

Our menu offers everything … From a hot doughnuts and home-made bread baked in  a wood stove, all kinds of milk products such as home-made cow and goat cheese, pure mountain honey, fresh trout and home-made ham and prosciutto, lamb and goat meat made under metal pan and everything else what is characteristic for our country.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions

Where is your camp located and how can I reach you?

We are located at a starting point for rafting, place is called Brštanovica.
GPS coordinates of the camp: Latitude: 43.321849 | Longitude: 18.960388
Tourists should come to Šćepan Polje, that is the official B&H – MNE border crossing.We own a parking lot, you can leave your car or RV there, It will be safe. We will pick you up at Šćepan Polje and transport you to our camp. If you are in Foča, you can come to our agency, located in Krajiška 2. Agency is located in the city center, in a passage below the Mozzart restaurant.

Can we pay in cash after arrival ?

You can pay with cash upon your arrival to our camp, that will not be a problem. Many passengers, backpackers and wanderers use this option because It is much easier.

What is water level?

Depends, in May, water level is very high, so you will have to come prepared, physically. In June and July, water levels are medium, so you don’t have to worry, It will not be hard, you can even bring kids. August and September- water level is low, perfect for family rafting.

Do l need previous experience?

You do not need to have previous experience, our skippers will brief you on everything that you need to know.

Is rafting dengerous?

Basically, like in every other adventure, it is a bit dangerous, but we take all precautionary measures and focus on your security. So do not worry too much and enjoy your vacation.

There are not enough us to feel a boat. What now?

You will be on a boat with other tourists. When the number of passengers reaches eight, we will assign a skipper and you are ready to go.

I have Go Pro/Camera, can i wear it on the river?

You are ALLOWED to use your own GoPro and other cameras. You will not be charged, there are no fees.

If you are interested, below you can read all the FAQ related to our business


99€ per person

  • One meal
  • All necessary canyoning equipment and certified guides
  • All transports during the arrangement by our vehicles
  • Guarded parking lot for your private vehicles
  • Tax for canyon Nevidio 10.00 € per person
  • Tax for Nature Park “Komarnica” and “Dragasnica”, 1.00 € per person
  • Accident insurance during the arrangement in amount of 1.00 € per person per day
  • Tourist tax municipality of “Savnik” 1,00 €
  • Extra services upon request
  • All other expenses that have not anticipated by the programme.

Total tax: 13.00 €

  • The listed hours, as well as the program schedule are changeable according with your needs and requirements.
  • Previous experience unnecessary.
  • The program schedule can be extended or combined with other arrangements from our offer.
  • The offered program can be realized during the week.
  • Payment in KM or €.
  • Unnecessary minimum number of participants for the realization of the arrangement.
  • Discount for group over 10 people.
  • Guaranted maximum  security and comfort.
  • Required ID and passport.


See what other say about us !

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If the presented arrangement is not compatible with your notional program with us at our Camp Encijan or for any reason is not adequate, we would kindly ask you to look at similar arrangements.

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Attractions from our region

Bosnia and Herzegovina, a heart shaped land, has a lot to offer when It comes to tourism. Spacious mountain views, emerald green lakes, beautiful landscape and picturesque towns. West and the East meet here, so you will learn a lot about cultures, traditions and people. Share what you have learned with your friends at Encijan’s campfire. When It comes to the tours that we organize, here are some destinations that we recommend you to visit:

  • Tara river Canyon
    The canyon is 149 km long with depths reaching 1300m, and it is the deepest and sharpest canyon in Europe.


  • National park Sutjeska
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  • National park Durmitor
    The most beautiful and highest mountain in Montenegro is also a national park.


  • National park Sutjeska
    Last discovered canyon in Europe with It's unusual beauty and more unusual name.


How to reach us

At the border crossing of Scepan Polje, when submitting documents to border police officers, it is necessary to emphasize that you are going to the Tara canyon to Brstanovic. After completing the registration (in case you coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina turn round and turn back only 100m,  and if you are coming from Montenegro, you go only 100m forward) where you turn off right from the main road and turn on the local asphalt road leading along the river Tara towards Brštanica. For more information on how to get to us, see the link below.

Safety & Skippers

All skippers hired by agency Encijan have passed various international trainings and licensed and certified by the IRF(International Rafting Federation), and each of them has multiyear experience in their work and has encountered many trips down the Tara River and most of them consider rafting and adventure as satisfaction and their lifestyle, and then the job. Our mountain guides are passionate, experienced mountain enthusiasts who work for years in the outdoor industry and are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional experience.


Prospective guides for Encijan Adventure team spend five years minimum perfecting their Tara River rafting skills under the guidance of veteran trip leaders before earning the position of “Rafting Skipper”. New guides, or guides in training, are known as “Skipper Interns” and it takes a very special person, full of passion, to be successful on the river and work in the natural wilderness of the Tara River Canyon.